BIN Checker: What Does It Tell You?

cardIf you know the BIN of a card, you can tell a lot about the card. In other words, the BIN is not just like every other group of number. It provides a lot of information about the number and with a BIN checker, you will be able verify the number and obtain further information about the card.

Most BIN database systems of this software has different fields with each field providing particular information about the card. Below are some of the pieces of information that you can obtain from a BIN using a BIN checker software.

1. BIN

The first thing or first information that you will learn from a card number checker is its issuer identification number which refers to the first six number of the card. These numbers are the key to unraveling other useful information about the card you are using.

2. Brand of the card

Each card has a brand. Today, as more and more card companies are being established, many card’s brand names are coming into existence. Some of the popular brand names of cards today are Visa, MasterCard, Verve, AMEX, Discover, Payoneer and many more. You will be able to tell the brand name of the card you are using with a BIN checker.

3. Issuer

Cards be it credit, debit, prepaid and gift cards are issued by financial institutions particularly banks. Some cards clearly show the banks that issue them. But if you don’t know the bank that issues your card, you can find with with a IIN checker or IIN checker.

4. Type of card

There are different types of cards used today which include prepaid card, gift card, debit card and credit card. All you need to find out the type of card that you are using is the software checker for the card’s bank identification number.

5. Category

Indeed, many card users do not know that there are different categories of cards with each category having its unique features. Some card’s category are specifically designed for certain functions which cards in other categories may not perform. Most people are utilizing standard cards but there are other options. For example, MasterCard has a category known as MasterCard Gold and other categories.

6. Country

Nowadays, credit cards are utilized in almost every country of the world. From your BIN, you will be able to find out the country where the card is accepted.

7. A2 code and A3 code

These are code numbers indicating the countries where the cards are issued from.

8. Issuing Country Number

This number normally comprises three digit and it is viewed as ISO number. The number associates the card with the country where it is issued.

9. URL

A good BIN Checker will also provide you with a URL of the issuer of the card.

The above are some of the basic pieces of information that you can obtain from a BIN checker. However, there are different kinds of BIN look up systems and some may give more information than others.

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